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The Garden of Eden

Do You Eat of the Forbidden Fruit?

Eden Blakeney
24 December 2004

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Name: Eden Anne Blakeney
Birthday: 24th December 2004
Wand: 10 1/2 inches, Cherry Wood, Dragon Heartstring
Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Seventh
Bloodline: Muggleborn
Immediate Family:
-- Father -- George Blakeney
-- Mother -- Anne Blakeney
-- Kook (Ginger Tabby Cat)
Boggart: Total Darkness
Patronus: Giraffe
Family history and back story:
Eden was born in Kent, to Anne and George Blakeney - a relatively well off family with a large house in the country. George runs his own business as an accountant and Anne stayed at home to raise Eden. Eden is an only child but has an uncle and Aunt in London who she gets on with much better than her own parents. Her Uncle was a hippie, if she's honest, but from a young age he taught her how to express herself with creativity - she took quickly to painting, and it's now her passion. She furthered this by dying her hair, then dressing differently, then tattoos and piercings - not to everyone's pleasure. Eden never understood the bursts of uncontrolled magic that happened as she grew-up, but recieving her Hogwarts letter felt like coming home - she finally knew what made her different. Her parents had no time for magic - seeing it as a flight of fancy, and Eden's relationship with them began to break down. Her uncle, Harvey, was the one to take her to Diagon Alley and King's cross, and she now spends her school breaks with him in London, with occasional visits to her childhood home. Being sorted into Slytherin didn't surprise her - she easily admits her rather deep-seated cynicism - and understands the ambition that drives many of her house. It is important to Eden to carve her own niche and to make her own way in life and works hard for it. Through her years at Hogwarts, Eden has made few friends, but is incredibly loyal and accepting which makes her a valued friend. Eden quickly developed a passion for potions and herbology and wishes to be a mediwitch when she graduates.


Height: 5" 6
Eyes: Brown
Hair: It differs week by week - currently green
Defining Marks: Where to begin...


Personality: Eden is the black sheep of the family, and now the black sheep of Hogwarts. The purebloods don't understand her, the muggleborns don't like her due to her appearance. She's perfectly nice, but has a bit of an edge due to her defensiveness. She doesn't get on well with her parents due to the muggle/magic divide and is trying hard to pave her own way. She's clever, and does well in her classes, but most teachers judge her too harshly based on her attitude - she likes her piercings and tattoos and charms her hair every colour under the sun - and so rather stands out in a crowd. Eden can be too cynical and far too hard on her self and on others. She does not trust easily and feels deeply betrayed by her parents' nonchalance for her heritage, her magic. In fact, Eden could name all those she really trusts on one hand. This distrust can make her cold and appear superficial with a happy, bright approach to everyone, without ever showing the real girl for fear of appearing vulnerable to others. Eden is terrible at expressing her emotions and this, too, makes her appear shallow; but nothing could be further from the truth. Eden is incredibly passionate about life, and derives joy from everything she does, and is always drawn to people who show that same passion. Eden is a tough cookie - she has an edge and an attitude built up through the years, but she is not hurtful - she can bark and her bite is sharp, but she would never target weakness and vulnerabilities, as she has no wish to truly hurt. Eden knows her appearance gets stares and fosters that in the knowledge that most will be too focused on her hair to wonder what's going on underneath.


Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
General love life information: Eden is bisexual, but can admit to having a shameful crush on James Bloody Potter

I am not Eden Blakeney or Alaina Beaton. This is an rpg journal for aww_rpg. Thanks to hollow_art for the PB bases. Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling and Alaina to herself.